Stye Inspiration

Style Your Future

I used to think Fashion was all about vanity. Let’s be real, the endless parade of selfies on the inter-webs hasn’t exactly helped make a case otherwise. While it’s true the Fashion World has its share of selfish pin ups and narcissistic look-at-me wanna-be celebrities, I like to call the “Dark Side,” it also has its share of pretty fantastic empowering self-identifying confidence boosting rags-to-riches that girl-is-a-queen Cinderella stories too, I call it the “Glister Side.”

True, there are a lot of people who will look at Fashion pictures and alter their lives to fit the image on the screen. But, there are also many who will see those pictures and find the true beauty within. Instead of masking themselves to fit into someone else’s image, they’ll reveal the image they already possess within. Like hatchlings coming out of the egg, sometimes we all need a little nudge in the right direction before we can fully emerge.

Fashion may have its ugly side, but Style is something you decide. You get to choose each day what part of you to reveal.

Your body is the most recognizable part of you. Next to your voice, it’s the biggest advocate for what’s inside of you. It puts a picture to your words; an image to your dreams. What does your Style say about the destiny inside of you? If you haven’t considered it, maybe it’s time to ponder your future and let it out. The World is waiting to meet you!