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What your style needs now: FLOWER POWER! 

Summer brings a carefree style that’s all about light, easy styles. From sun-kissed makeup and fresh highlights to glossy mani and pedis, this is the perfect time switch up your style.

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Encouragement, Stye Inspiration

Style it Until You Feel it!

The world wants you to “Fake it until you Make it.” Some in the Church have even tried to adopt the world’s view with a minor adaptation believing we ought to “Faith it until you Make it,” but the TRUTH tells you this:

You’ve got to faith it until you feel it.

In Romans 4:20-22, the Apostle Paul reminds us of Abraham’s faith. There was “no distrust” in him to make “him waver concerning the promises of God.” In fact, it’s this kind of real faith we are told that helped our forefather “grow stronger in his faith.” There was no “faking it.” Abraham was “fully convinced that God was able to do what he had promised.” And his conviction of faith was attributed to him as righteousness.

You and I are extended the same gift of faith. When we believe the promises God has spoken over us, that we are “wonderfully made” in His image; that we are “full of grace” and “righteousness;” that “we are loved by Him who first loved us,” when we are fully convinced of these truths, we are exampling to others what real faith looks like. And there’s nothing fake about it!

Paul moves on to speak of the staggering consequences of this fact. Because you are ‘justified by faith’, you have ‘peace with God’. You have ‘gained access’ to his presence (5:1–2, MSG). You can draw near to him and speak to him each day, knowing that there is no barrier between you and him. We don’t have to faith it until we make it because we are already made in His love!

Style is very similar to faith. We don’t style ourselves to look good to others, we style ourselves to “glorify God” as Abraham did. When we are fully convinced of our beauty because we are made in the image of God, we convey to others that same belief. Your style tells the world that you feel loved because you are loved.

“You cannot convince others of anything until you yourself are first convinced.”

Style, like faith, is the conviction that you are loved and worthy of that love.

You may not always feel it when you wake up, but you know it by faith that you are a child of God and all His promises for you are true!

So give Him the glory. “Style it ’till you feel it” and let His love shine through you. Glorify Him with your spirit, soul and body!

Don’t do it for the world, do it for Him 💋 Be who He created YOU to be. You are a unique expression of God’s love.

Encouragement, Stye Inspiration

Make a Statement

Never be afraid to make a statement.

God gave you a voice and a body to express the invisible. You are the living embodiment of the impossible here on earth. There’s no color too bold, no jewels too shiny, no bags or shoes too audacious to stop you from being you!

Your style is a love letter from your soul.

How you present yourself expresses what your soul chooses to communicate about itself to the world. Choose wisely!

Just like fads come and go, your style ought to change throughout the years. As you grow in wisdom, your closet ought to transform along with you. Your “Look” should drive what you wear. Your clothes and accessories do not complete you. Remember, it’s you who brings everything into completion.

Your “Look” is not a standard that others can follow. It must be uniquely you or its not you at all. Sure, we can share basic elements with others, just like every good closet has its basic elements of solids to build from, but where the beauty happens is in the layering on of details. The accessories of your soul are what make you – You! Your special giftings, talents and the way you see the beauty that surrounds you.

God gave the world you to help them see that little bit of beauty only you can see – make a statement!

Stye Inspiration

Style Your Future

I used to think Fashion was all about vanity. Let’s be real, the endless parade of selfies on the inter-webs hasn’t exactly helped make a case otherwise. While it’s true the Fashion World has its share of selfish pin ups and narcissistic look-at-me wanna-be celebrities, I like to call the “Dark Side,” it also has its share of pretty fantastic empowering self-identifying confidence boosting rags-to-riches that girl-is-a-queen Cinderella stories too, I call it the “Glister Side.”

True, there are a lot of people who will look at Fashion pictures and alter their lives to fit the image on the screen. But, there are also many who will see those pictures and find the true beauty within. Instead of masking themselves to fit into someone else’s image, they’ll reveal the image they already possess within. Like hatchlings coming out of the egg, sometimes we all need a little nudge in the right direction before we can fully emerge.

Fashion may have its ugly side, but Style is something you decide. You get to choose each day what part of you to reveal.

Your body is the most recognizable part of you. Next to your voice, it’s the biggest advocate for what’s inside of you. It puts a picture to your words; an image to your dreams. What does your Style say about the destiny inside of you? If you haven’t considered it, maybe it’s time to ponder your future and let it out. The World is waiting to meet you!


Behold, I Do a NEW Thing

Stepping out can be scary… When the Father’s voice beckons us beyond the walls of our comfort zone, it can be easy to ignore Him at first. But if you truly seek to know His heart then you quickly realize His nature is to do new things 💙💛❤️ Let us learn to do them with Him! {Isaiah 43:19} When God is for you, you never have to worry about #FOMO 😎

Do that something new today! You will be glad you did.