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Style it Until You Feel it!

The world wants you to “Fake it until you Make it.” Some in the Church have even tried to adopt the world’s view with a minor adaptation believing we ought to “Faith it until you Make it,” but the TRUTH tells you this:

You’ve got to faith it until you feel it.

In Romans 4:20-22, the Apostle Paul reminds us of Abraham’s faith. There was “no distrust” in him to make “him waver concerning the promises of God.” In fact, it’s this kind of real faith we are told that helped our forefather “grow stronger in his faith.” There was no “faking it.” Abraham was “fully convinced that God was able to do what he had promised.” And his conviction of faith was attributed to him as righteousness.

You and I are extended the same gift of faith. When we believe the promises God has spoken over us, that we are “wonderfully made” in His image; that we are “full of grace” and “righteousness;” that “we are loved by Him who first loved us,” when we are fully convinced of these truths, we are exampling to others what real faith looks like. And there’s nothing fake about it!

Paul moves on to speak of the staggering consequences of this fact. Because you are ‘justified by faith’, you have ‘peace with God’. You have ‘gained access’ to his presence (5:1–2, MSG). You can draw near to him and speak to him each day, knowing that there is no barrier between you and him. We don’t have to faith it until we make it because we are already made in His love!

Style is very similar to faith. We don’t style ourselves to look good to others, we style ourselves to “glorify God” as Abraham did. When we are fully convinced of our beauty because we are made in the image of God, we convey to others that same belief. Your style tells the world that you feel loved because you are loved.

“You cannot convince others of anything until you yourself are first convinced.”

Style, like faith, is the conviction that you are loved and worthy of that love.

You may not always feel it when you wake up, but you know it by faith that you are a child of God and all His promises for you are true!

So give Him the glory. “Style it ’till you feel it” and let His love shine through you. Glorify Him with your spirit, soul and body!

Don’t do it for the world, do it for Him 💋 Be who He created YOU to be. You are a unique expression of God’s love.

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