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Make a Statement

Never be afraid to make a statement.

God gave you a voice and a body to express the invisible. You are the living embodiment of the impossible here on earth. There’s no color too bold, no jewels too shiny, no bags or shoes too audacious to stop you from being you!

Your style is a love letter from your soul.

How you present yourself expresses what your soul chooses to communicate about itself to the world. Choose wisely!

Just like fads come and go, your style ought to change throughout the years. As you grow in wisdom, your closet ought to transform along with you. Your “Look” should drive what you wear. Your clothes and accessories do not complete you. Remember, it’s you who brings everything into completion.

Your “Look” is not a standard that others can follow. It must be uniquely you or its not you at all. Sure, we can share basic elements with others, just like every good closet has its basic elements of solids to build from, but where the beauty happens is in the layering on of details. The accessories of your soul are what make you – You! Your special giftings, talents and the way you see the beauty that surrounds you.

God gave the world you to help them see that little bit of beauty only you can see – make a statement!

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